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Toei Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Corporate Policy

Aiming to become the expert in "Crafting"

  1. Best Quality:Always pursuing the highest quality
  2. Competitive Price:Always providing more competitive pricing
  3. Quick Delivery:Prompt delivery for customer satisfaction

Since our company is founded, these are the three mottos. We want to satisfy our customers and give assurance when purchasing our quality products. That is why we always try for the Best Quality, Competitive Price and Quick Delivery.

Today, Japanese manufacturing industry is facing fierce competition from foreign industries when it comes to pricing. We must not forget the "Craftsmanship" of made-in-Japan products. In the country with limited natural resources, we shall not stop making the best quality products which people in the world would appreciate. For over three decades, our business has solely been in manufacturing of monitor display. We have strong determination to be the expert in "crafting" our products to become the leading company of the 21st century.

Corporate Information

Company Summary
NameToei Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address9-16 Wakamatsu-Cho Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo162-0056 Japan
Company RepresentativeKazuo Nakajima, President
CapitalJPN YEN 90.35million
End of Financial Year31st March
Number of Employee120 (as of May 2009)
Trading BankBank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Jonan Credit Union
Association MembershipJapan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industries
BusinessManufacturing and sales of monitoring display for computers, amusement games, medical instruments, CRT, LCD Plasma display, and electronic equipments and parts.
Affiliated CompanyToei Musen Co., Ltd. http://www.toeimusen.co.jp